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Acts of Kindness and Appreciation

Relationships require attentiveness from both partners to ensure they are providing significant amount of love and appreciation towards each other. It is important to note that these actions should be unexpected or random in order to be appreciated more. Everyone loves to receive flowers on Valentine’s day and taken to a fancy dinner, however these actions of love are more expected on this specific day. Therefore, some partners may believe they are doing a sufficient job because of their actions on these special days, which may unfortunately not be enough for others.
When committing an act of kindness on an unexpected day, it shows your partner that you are thinking about them all the time, even on just a regular old Monday. This will also help keep a spark ignited between the two, as these random acts of love and appreciation will lead to more intimate feelings and conversations. These actions don’t even necessarily need to be a purchase of flowers or chocolates but can simply be volunteering to take the kids out to the park all day so that your partner can enjoy a self-day. It is imperative to listen to your partner and realize what they need the most at that point in their life and attempt to direct the act of kindness towards this need. Doing things together as a couple is important, yet doing things for your partner may be even more important as it shows appreciation and allows both to grow closer together through mutual love.
Everyone enjoys being complimented or praised because it makes us feel good about ourselves! However, it is not enjoyable to have to go fishing for compliments. Therefore, it is essential to consistently remind your loved one of all the things they do that make you happy. Positivity and encouragement can result in positive outcomes when supporting your partner through stressful or difficult periods. In addition, being able to lean on each other is important to avoid feeling alone. Teamwork, consideration, and trust can be combined with acts of kindness and appreciation to create a healthy positive relationship that is built with love and support.

“Blessed be the Lord, For He has shown me His marvelous kindness in a strong city!” Psalm 31:21

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