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Are you Married to a Narcissist?

How do you know if you are married to a narcissist? What is the red flag you should be looking out for? This blog will focus on identifying key signs that may help you identify if you are married to a narcissist. Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be emotionally draining and cause significant psychological distress.

Narcissist personality disorder (NPD) is a mental health condition characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, need for admiration, and apathetic towards others. It’s important to understand the signs prior to scheduling an appointment with a mental health professional towards healing and self-protection. We will be providing indicators that may affirm you are married to a narcissist:

8 Signs of a Narcissist

  • Lack of Empathy – Narcissists lack the ability or quality of empathizing you’re your experience or emotions. They may be insensitive to your feelings or altogether minimize them. They may have a very difficult time understanding your perspective. Your emotions or needs are ignored and possibly routinely dismissed.
  • Constant Need for Attention – A narcissistic person constantly needs words of admiration and attention. When they feel that the attention, they are receiving is insufficient, they become irritable, agitated, and possibly hostile towards their partner. They need to feel appreciated and your role in the relationship may feel like you are always needing to boost their ego.
  • Manipulation – Narcissists tend to manipulate their partners to control their partners. They may use tactics such as gaslighting (making you feel like something is wrong with you), making you feel guilty, and other forms of emotional manipulation to gain more control in the relationship.
  • Self-Importance – Narcissists may constantly talk about their achievements and accomplishments and dismiss or degrade accomplishments of others around them, including their partner. They often believe that they are superior to other people, including family members, intimate partners, and friends. They tend to find faults in other people’s accomplishments and will never measure up to their own success stories.
  • Dismissal of Boundaries – Healthy boundaries must be established to maintain healthy relationships. However, narcissists tend to dismiss or violate them. They may violate your privacy, exercise control of your personal and safe space and time without any regard to your autonomy or overall well-being.
  • Accepting Criticism – It is very challenging for narcissists to accept criticism, despite their being constructive. They may become defensive, shift blame, or angry rather than acknowledging their faults or mistakes.
  • Entitlement – Narcissists tend to have an exaggerated sense of entitlement. They may expect special treatment, privileges, or feel they deserve obedience from their partner with no questions asked. This can manifest in various aspects of the relationship including finances, domestic responsibilities, or social events.
  • Projection of Insecurities – When narcissists feel inadequate or superior, they generally will project their insecurities onto their partners making them feel that despite growth and change, they will never be valued as their partner. You may feel devalued and degraded by comments made by your partner.


It’s important to recognize these signs to address your marital dynamic with your partner. It is vital to prioritize your well-being and obtain support from your friends and family members. You deserve to be in a loving and respectful relationship where your needs are appreciated and met. Whie it may be challenging to be married to a narcissist, with couples counseling it is possible to learn and grow together towards a healthy marriage.


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