Self-Guided Assessments

Attachment Assessment

Understand the level of emotional connection shared between one another. You can also view your insecurity and security score at the end which may provide insight to your current relationship situation.

5 Languages of Lobe

This assessment helps couples determine which Love Language is important to them depending on different scenarios. This educational quiz can serve as a guide of how you receive love and identifiable ways to speak your partner’s love language.

Emotional Needs Questionnaire

Identify your most important emotional needs and evaluates spouse effectiveness in meeting those needs. Each partner should complete this questionnaire to illuminate which emotional needs require more attention.

A.R.E Questionnaire

Wondering how emotional responsive your partner is? This assessment will help measure response and engagement between two partners through 15 questions.

Recreational Enjoyment Inventory

Want to spend more time doing things that you and your partner both enjoy? This assessment helps determine which recreational activities both parties enjoy the most and can create mutual happiness.

Possible Qualities In A Partner

Discover some characteristics you may want to consider in a potential partner.