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Choosing the Best Partner

Do you find it challenging to find the best partner that checks off all your boxes and emotionally connects with you? Trying to find the right partner for yourself can feel like a lot of work and maybe even overwhelming at times. There are so many factors to consider during this process: attraction, trust, commitment, honesty, communication, intimacy, interests, differences, family relationships, etc. This is a common problem that appears to impact lives of many people which may lead them to give up entirely.

However, I am here to provide you with hope that choosing a wife or husband isn’t hard and not impossible. You may be going about it the wrong way. We tend to look outward to the world and hope we can find someone to complete us, rather than looking inward at ourselves and making ourselves whole first.

Tips for Dating:

What do you look for in a relationship? Here are some suggestions of what you can do to help ease the dating process in trying to choose a life partner.

  • Learn to Love yourself
    • Acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses
    • Appreciate and love them for what they are
  • Understand your dating patterns
    • Reasons for choosing prior partners
    • Emotions attached to those reasons
  • Seek someone who makes you laugh
    • Someone you can wind down with laughter
    • Sense of humor
  • Learn from your experiences
    • What went wrong with prior relationships
    • Change the behavior to invite better people into your world
    • Avoid people who remind you of your past
  • Choose someone that is not exactly like
    • Opposites do attract
    • Certain levels of surprise and mystery
  • Share similar values
    • Children (how many) or no children
    • Spirituality
  • Do not settle for less
    • Suggest to wait
    • Needs of long-term fulfillment
  • Communication compatibility
    • Effective communication strengthens relationships
    • Feeling safe to be vulnerable


There are many more suggestions and too many to list in this blog, but hopefully this will be a helpful list to give you more hope that you can and will find the right long-life partner for you.

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