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Communication Tips – secret to better communication and a more fulfilling marriage

Effective communication is essential in our daily lives. Communication is a two-way process where both parties must understand and interpret the message correctly. It is not just about speaking, but also listening, understanding, and responding. Communication can help build relationships, increase productivity, and reduce conflicts. Here are some communication tips that can help you communicate effectively.

Active Listening

Active listening is a crucial aspect of effective communication. It means paying attention to the speaker and understanding their message. When your partner is speaking, active listening can be practiced by setting aside distractions that would alter the focus from the conversations. Limiting distractions allow both parties to engage in a conversation with the intention of hearing the other and making them feel seen and understood despite their agreement. Noting down the main points without thinking about what you’ll say next. While conversing, it is important to give space to both parties to argue a concern or conflict by laying your guard down from possible defensive mechanism(s). Active listening can help build trust, respect, and rapport with the speaker, making it easier to communicate.


Active listening leads into the next tip, respect and empathy towards your partner. The ability to have mutual respect for each other comes from seeing each other as individual’s first. As a couple, there is a tendency to root for the definition teamwork. However, it is vital to discern each individuals’ thought process and learned behaviors which are underlying root causes of negative patterns. Respectful boundaries can be set to tend to their own needs before they can overflow positive juices onto the other. Prioritizing space for themselves allow the individual to empathize and express their needs. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It is essential because it helps you to connect with the listener and understand their perspective. It shows that you care about the listener’s feelings and opinions, making it easier to communicate and build relationships.

Open - Minded

Open mindfulness is the willingness to learn and grow from conversations. Everyone will have to go through hard conversations in their lifetime, if not multiple. Humility is needed to be vulnerable without any judgement, accepting one is not better than our partner. It is the act of laying oneself down, seeking their own purpose and values and seeing if it aligns to the other. The solution to compromising is a way to recognize whether things can work out, or if at the best interest of the two, is it better to call it quits before it gets more toxic.


Accountability is acting upon your words. Having few individuals or a group you trust is important when times are rocky. Although, confrontation is hard, it is beneficial for growth. These people know who you are and have the best intentions for your growth. This type of relationship and bond allows you to be raw and honest with each other. By knowing your true colors and potential, they challenge you to snap out of repetitive negative pattern to become the best version of yourself.


Non-verbal communication is fundamental to tie everything together. The cues of body-language and eye-contact reflect your response to the speaker. Your surrounding space allows reflect your state of mind, therefore, coming from a clear conscience is imperative when listening. The ability to listen well comes your mental state, speaking up when there are unsettled thoughts that may cause anxiety or triggers during the conversation. It is okay to ask for time or space, and even reschedule accordingly.
Overall, effective communication embeds different qualities for a healthy conversation. Active listening allows both parties to be fully understand each other, respecting their boundaries and emotional needs. Open mindfulness helps individuals learn and grow from each other, keeping each other accountable to bring out the best in them. Non-verbal communication is a reflection of body-language and eye contact to the speaker. A great way to ensure better communication and fulfilling marriage is to have a clear mental conscience and awareness of self to present positive qualities as a listener and or speaker.

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