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Comparison Cycle

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to falling in love, the type who tends to fall in and out of love quickly, and the type who tends to be guarded or cautious before falling in love. The way that people naturally fall in love at different paces is a personality trait that is being called emophilia by psychologist Dan Jones. This blog will discuss emophilia and its different intensity levels, while analyzing the benefits and deficits of each, in addition to providing tips on relationships.

Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped comparing yourself with others. What does that feel like? How do you view yourself? What do you look forward to? The purpose of this blog is to identify psychological effects of comparing yourself to others. Measuring yourself against others is a ‘modus operandi’ of the human mind and in some ways can be helpful. You may feel inspired and motivated to improve your life with someone else’s achievements. However, on the flip side, comparisons can be harmful when they leave you feeling inferior.

Since comparison is a human impulse, we cannot turn away from it completely. However, understanding its origins, mechanisms, and what to watch out for will help us mitigate its negative effects and increase the good.

“Social comparison theory was first put forth by psychologist Leon Festinger, who hypothesized that we make comparisons as a way of evaluating ourselves.” – Psychology Today.

When comparing yourself to others, take a moment and identify whether the comparison encourages you towards setting new goals and working towards achieving them, or if it makes you feel worse about yourself and where you are in life. As mentioned earlier on, comparison cycle may either have a positive or negative psychological effect. Today, it’s near impossible to stay away from social media platforms, however if you find it distressing, take a break from viewing other people’s posts, videos, and pictures. However, when engaging in social media you discover that your motivation increases, then continue scrolling.

It is imperative to monitor your thoughts and emotions as you decide to scroll and view other people’s social media posting.

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