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Confidence – Being Single/Alone

Although marriage is common among most people, it is not always the desired option as some decide to remain single for the entirety of their lives. Of course, being married or remaining alone for all of life, are two extremes and often times we find ourselves in between while searching for our desired partner. During this period, we may focus on ourselves, learn new hobbies, or pursue careers that seem interesting. You may find pleasure in focusing on yourself, while at the same time feel worried or unsettled when watching the rest of the people in your circle begin to get married. This may affect your confidence levels when going out in public, as you are nervous to be viewed as a loser or having no friends. This blog will discuss being comfortable with being alone, and the thoughts of others in public behind their viewing eyes.
Typically, the average person would feel uncomfortable performing some activities such as getting dinner or going to see a movie by themselves. The reason being is because we are afraid to be judged by others who are always out with their friends, and we do not want to seem like a loner or have no friends. However, there are times in your life when it is okay to be alone, and you may actually find yourself enjoying these activities by yourself. There is a fear that this would be taboo or weird, but instead of feeling self-conscious it is instead important to feel confident in yourself. This is because you are living your life the way you want to, whether it’s because you are opposed to marriage, are still looking for your significant other, or simply want to treat yourself to doing something that you like. Of course, it is still fun and enjoyable to do these things with your friends, but often our friends may be busy, or you may find yourself introverted and have very few friends.
Post-Covid quarantine is the best time to discover yourself and to push the social boundaries of what used to be accepted and what you truly want to do. Society will always have norms that we feel like we must fit into, but there are often times when we feel like we must abide even when we do not want to. Being alone in public is not weird, you will not be judged, and you will find yourself being more confident and independent than ever. Being alone also tends to improve concentration and memory, makes your interests a priority, and boosts your creativity. In addition, it can make you more productive, empathetic, and improve the relationships that you already have due to your increased focus and drive of what you want to accomplish without other opinions or ideas being brought up to conflict with them.

When you are ready, challenge yourself and go out somewhere of your choice to experience something alone. We spend too much time worrying about what others think about us which typically prevents us from trying something new. Other’s perception is just that, their perception which does not matter. What people think about you does not change your authentic self and what you feel is best in your life.

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