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It can feel frustrating when you’ve tried everything and nothing works to feel connected with your partner. Maybe you have confided in friends to help you figure out how to improve your relationship but find their advice is just not working for you. You may even find yourself avoiding certain topics with your partner since they tend to lead to fighting. As a result, your intimacy has suffered and maybe even disappeared altogether. Maybe arguments have led you to stop communicating altogether and feel hopeless of a way out of these developed patterns.

​Are you looking for strategies and techniques to help you dialogue with each other again? Are you ready to work with a professional who can show you how to restore your romance and emotional connection you once had?


Challenges In Long-Term Relationships Are Not Uncommon

Long-term relationships are a joyous and beautiful journey shared with exciting experiences, growth, and deep connections. Each journey comes with its own set of challenges, relationships are not different. Challenges do not need to be seen as indicators of failure, instead they are opportunities for growth and to develop a deeper understanding of each other. These challenges can experience turbulence leading to emotional pain, especially when one partner is forced to confront parts of themselves that may worsen the situation, such as talking over one another or not actively listening. It can be very uncomfortable when your partner points out your shortcomings; therefore it may be easier to focus on your partner’s wrongdoings.

​Life stressors can become the source of relationship struggles, such as expanding your family unit, changes in jobs, financial hardships, or other types of transitions. This is an area where it may feel unfamiliar and a change in the way you communicate with each other that you’ve never used before may be the solution.

​Common challenges that we help our clients work through are healing, repairing, and recovery from infidelity with positive results of reestablishing trust. Navigating couples’ different perspectives on such issues as finances, household responsibilities, and child rearing while focusing on each other’s strengths. Christian Couples Counseling for believers is offered to provide a spiritual perspective on their marriage and what God intended for them as a unit.

Susie Ibrahim Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Founder of Nurturing Connections Counseling California

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Why Work With NCC?

Nurturing Connections Counseling works with couples to help them grow and experience positive interactions. Our team of marriage counselors help couples become unstuck from unhealthy and painful patterns. We help facilitate dialogue between both partners to gain an understanding of each person’s perspectives, feelings, and struggles. We will provide conflict management and compromising skills to help couples solve their own problems. Establishing clear goals for the counseling process will assist in the counseling journey so you can experience and enjoy a healthy relationship again.

The overwhelming number of couples that we have worked with have experienced tremendous growth while gaining effective tools and strategies to manage conflicts resulting in newfound happiness in their marriages.

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Questions & Concerns About Couples Therapy

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This fear can be a common concern. It is important to understand that our therapists are professionally trained to create a safe and nonjudgmental environment for couples to feel comfortable to express themselves. Sessions are approached with empathy and neutrality. The goal is to help partners understand each other’s positions without taking sides.
Some people may feel very uncomfortable opening up to someone they don’t know and share intimate details about their relationship issues. Our therapists are skilled to building rapport and trust with each of our couples creating a comfortable environment. Over time, as you develop a therapeutic relationship, you will find it easier to share your thoughts and feelings. ​
Your concerns about unequal participation can be addressed with your therapist and express your expectations. It is important for couples to feel equally heard and understood during this process. Our skilled therapists will facilitate conversations to ensure that there is a balance where each partner has an opportunity to express themselves.

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