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Feeling Lonely in Your Relationship

It is natural that seasoned relationships can become complacent and couples emotionally drift apart. How many times do you feel lonely in your relationship? It is common that relationships suffer when you have been together for a while. Imagine feeling alone even when your partner is physically present. How many times do you think, “I wish he/she would look at me, talk to me, watch a movie holding hands with me, and/or listen to me”. You are not alone! However, there are tools that I would like to present that may strengthen your relationship.
It is important to understand that turning towards your partner will increase deposits into your emotional bank account. Let me give you an analogy: If your financial bank account has a substantial amount of savings that you can depend on to withdraw from for emergencies, how financially secure would you feel? Right now, you might be saying to yourself, “What does it mean to turn towards my partner? What do I do?”

Here are some effective tips on how to turn towards your life partner:

1. Send nice, cute text messages throughout the day 2. Make your partner his/her favorite meal 3. Give your partner a loving card for no reason 4. Make a cake that says “I Love You” 5. Buy flowers 6. Wash your partner’s car 7. Give your partner a massage 8. Call your partner during the day just to say “I Love You”
These are just some samples of things YOU can do to show your partner that you care and love him/her! The emotional bids that are deposited into the love bank will become a buffer to withdraw from when you engage in an argument. If your emotional bank account is full, your relationship will be able to survive external stressors that may cause some distress in your relationship.

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