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Have Fun Together

Do you remember the beginning phases of your romantic relationship? What were some of the things you enjoyed and looked forward to doing together? Do you remember those days when you engaged in conversations that led you both to laughter? This season is called the Spring Season of your relationship. Do you wish you can recapture those events when life was easier, and you enjoyed each other’s company?

Marriage & Dating Again

Here are some tips to help you and your partner get there again:

  • Create a list of things you enjoy doing together
  • Schedule them on your shared calendar
  • Line up a reliable babysitter (for those with minor children)
  • Laugh together
  • Engage only in light-hearted conversations
  • Dream together
  • Explore new experiences together


Which one of these is your relationship ready for? Even if you are going through a difficult and challenging season, there is always room for some FUN. Save the difficult conversations for another time or when you are in your counselor’s office 😊

The Different Seasons:

All relationships go through different seasons:

  • Spring – Fun with new experiences and lots of laughter
  • Summer – Adjusted and become comfortable with each other; somewhat complacent and at times relationship is taken for granted
  • Fall – Life stressors are unmanaged and have adverse effects in your relationships
  • Winter – Stormy days, weeks, months, and maybe even years when there is a breakdown in communication and loss of emotional and physical connection

Here's a Huge Tip:

When you notice that your relationship is moving from the Summer to the Fall season, have an important conversation with your partner letting him/her know that you are beginning to feel disconnected and would like to take steps to avoid entering the Winter season. Make sure to always date your partner by being intentional of scheduling events, date nights, or nightly strolls around the block.


Your romantic/intimate relationship is important, so make sure you protect it from any intruders by being intentional of prioritizing your relationship over everything, except your relationship with God.

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