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How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Relationships can be some of the most important priorities in our lives, especially those we consider romantic and full of love. Some people are lucky enough to live 5 minutes away from their significant others, however others have to deal with the gruesome distance that separates them from their loved one. This could be a short temporary time or a longer more permanent time, but regardless can be a strain on someone’s relationship and ultimately their daily lives. Thankfully, this blog will provide tips and pointers that can help you stay connected with your partner and continue in a successful relationship.
This first important detail to remember is prioritizing a schedule in which you can speak with your partner in a private, unrushed conversation. Each conversation you have with your partner is important as it can remind them of your love for them, so it is vital to pick a time when you are feeling happy and calm to ensure a loving conversation. This should be a time in the day that you attempt to speak with them every day, so that both parties are at their best and excited to talk with each other.
Secondly, remember is to communicate through goals, or end goals, which can help the long distance feel more temporary and able to end at a certain point. If couple’s feel like their long-distance relationship will never end at a certain time, then there is a higher chance of success for that relationship to last. Using this countdown method helps both partners feel excited, motivated, and encouraged to make the additional efforts required to get through the more difficult days.
This next tip may come as a surprise, but it is important not to rely on technology, texting, or facetime as the only source of communication with one another. Although it is fast and easy, it can sometimes offer less emotion or engagement in the relationship, so we suggest sending each other letters once in a while or care packages with some of their favorite goodies. Anything to help your significant other know that they mean a lot to you and that they are still physically there as well as over the phone.
Another suggestion is to focus on quality communication as well as focusing on the little details during conversations. To begin, it is important to remember that although you may be talking over the phone a lot, you should still be talking about significant or intimate parts of the person or relationship that you enjoy. Getting too caught up in the details of one’s day could detach away from the true emotions and feelings you have towards one another. However, on the other hand it is still equally important to pay attention to the details of your partner’s life, as to stay up to date with their current state.
Our final and last tip is to be sure not to place your life on hold, just to accommodate the long-distance relationship. Sacrifices are indeed necessary to make these relationships work, but not so much as to take away from your own pleasures and passions, resulting in possible resentment. A healthy balance will ensure that both you and your partner stay content in life, despite the distance barrier of physical connection.
Although these tips can be helpful, long distance relationships truly rely on effective communication and making sacrifices for one another to ensure the longevity of the relationship. This blog should help you get an idea of what to expect, and what strategies to utilize when your relationship becomes challenging or begins to fizzle away.

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