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Key to Success: Commitment

I have personally achieved success in my life simply by staying committed to various aspects of my life. Defining the word success is subjective and may be interpreted in many ways. In this blog, I would like to focus on how remaining committed can help you achieve your goals in your life. When I think of success, many things come to mind such as spiritual growth, physical and mental health, career, and relationships. I will be touching upon each category providing methods that may help you remain committed in these areas of your life.

Spiritual Growth

Many of us have great intentions to remaining committed towards our spiritual growth, however some of us may allow obstacles to derail our path. Consider writing down how you plan on growing your spiritual life. I keep a small journal that I use to keep me on track with my prayers and Biblical readings.

Physical Health

It is likely that you have all heard from either peers, physicians, or dieticians of the importance of exercising. My husband and I decided to hire a personal trainer in the beginning of this year. This was quite a challenge for us because it meant we needed to ‘show up’ at the gym during our scheduled time. This was a great discipline for us both and had placed it on our conjoint calendar. In addition, since we were investing time and money, we were told that we needed to change our eating habits. Boy, another challenge, but we first started by getting rid of all unhealthy foods from our home and begin only purchasing healthy items. This took time to get used to, but we agreed to this process and followed through with lots and lots of encouragement from each other.

Mental Health

In my profession, I understand how important it is to pay attention to our mental health. Therefore, I have committed to increasing my self-care routine by engaging in alone time away from work and household responsibilities, scheduling weekly hikes with friends every Saturday morning, and planning social events and activities with loved ones. I found it helpful to always schedule things on the calendar which has helped me stay committed to continue improving my mental health.


Several years ago I transitioned into my second career as a psychotherapist and owning my private practice has helped me stay focused on my goals. Since I am my own boss, I must stay motivated which is not always easy. I manage my own clinical calendar and check it every day to make sure I arrive in my office early to prepare for my clients and be present.


Remaining committed to my husband has been the best decision of my life. We all know and understand that intimate relationships go through their challenging moments but choosing to love my husband every day has improved to strengthen our relationship over the past three decades. We disagree and bicker at times, but overall enjoy spending time together and share future dreams together. What’s the best way to stay committed in your relationships? Show up and be the best version of yourself every day! Pray and ask God to help you be the kind of spouse your partner needs you to be, even if it is not what you want.

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