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Making Marriage a Priority

Do you remember when you were so excited to get married to your soul mate? You must have been head over heels and could not wait to spend the rest of your life with your soon to be spouse. Your wedding day was amazing and honeymoon, even better. Now it has been a couple of weeks after you got married and transition into married life. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you begin to get the hang of it. You are learning to adapt to your spouse’s ways of doing things or not doing things. However, you let things go because he/she is the love of your life and everything is amazing.

In the beginning, you both feel so excited to spend time together after work and plan fun activities over the weekend. You are still having fun and you may even be planning some fun trips. Your thoughts may be “my marriage is my priority”. Now, how do you keep this mental attitude throughout your marriage? There are external factors that may get in the way such as career, household responsibilities, and children. As much as I understand that these things need our attention, doesn’t your spouse need as much if not more attention?

Here are some tips of how to keep your marriage as a priority:

  • Invite Christ to be amid your marriage by reading the Bible, praying together, and regularly attending church services
  • Emotionally connect daily – send texts and call each other while you are at work
  • Spend time listening to each other after a long day at work and if you have children, wait until they go to bed so you can focus on each other
  • Schedule weekly/monthly dates – this can be something you do together during the daytime or plan an evening to go out to dinner or take a stroll on the beach or park
  • Invest one minute a day in your marriage – You may ask, what can I accomplish in one minute? Maybe send an email with the subject line: “I Love You” and send a nice message to the love of your life. Greet your spouse at the door and engage in a 6 second kiss and hug.
  • Participate in your spouse’s hobbies and/or activities that interest them.
  • Learn a new experience together. How about signing up for a cooking or dance class?
These are just a few suggestions of how to continue with making your marriage a priority! I am sure you can also think of other creative ideas to invest in your marriage as you had done in the early years together. Have fun and enjoy the many happy years ahead.

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