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Positive Effects of Making Decisions

Making decisions can be difficult and scary because you are likely worried about making the ‘wrong’ decision and the impact of yourself and others with deciding. Therefore, you may find yourself reluctant or avoid making any decisions. It is probably easier to just let others make decisions for you, that way you have someone else to blame but yourself. If that sounds familiar, this blog is for you. The inability to decide is a symptom of depression making it so stable. If you could be more decisive, then you would start living your life boldly instead of tentatively.
Making decisions includes creating intentions and setting goals. It also changes your perception of the world-find solutions to your problems. Being undecisive means that you care about too much about too many things. If you cared about only one thing, it would be easy to be decisive, but your personality and brain are more complex than that. Sometimes you can get stuck on every decision, which is when indecisiveness gets in your way. It can affect your anxiety, mood, thoughts and behaviors which tend to fuel further indecisiveness.

Here is a small list of the advantages of making decisions:

  • Focuses attention and enhances perception
  • Increases enjoyment
  • Increases the release of dopamine
  • Creates perceived control
  • Utilizes healthy habits
  • Reduces worry and anxiety
  • Deciding helps make more decisions

Now that we know the disadvantages and advantages of making decisions, how and where do you start?

Here are some great tips on what to focus on and what to do:

  • Focus on making a good decision, not the best decision
  • Start by planning in your head, write your thought down, then act on your thought
  • Figure out what is important to you
  • Decide for something you want, not against something you don’t want
  • Create specific long-term goals


Do NOT forget to reward yourself for deciding. Remember, making mistakes means that you decided to do something. Success is the after product of making mistakes. All our profound leaders have made mistakes…Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Pope John Paul II, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many more. However, no one ever focuses on their mistakes, and no one will every focus on your mistakes. Do not allow yourself to get in the way of your ability to make decisions. What are you going to decide today?

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