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There are two types of people in the world when it comes to falling in love, the type who tends to fall in and out of love quickly, and the type who tends to be guarded or cautious before falling in love. The way that people naturally fall in love at different paces is a personality trait that is being called emophilia by psychologist Dan Jones. This blog will discuss emophilia and its different intensity levels, while analyzing the benefits and deficits of each, in addition to providing tips on relationships.
To begin, it is necessary to truly understand emophilia as it pertains to all human beings and affects the way we choose to get into serious relationships. Those who have higher levels of emophilia tend to date more people and enter more serious engagements. There is also a correlation between those with high emophilia and attachment anxiety, resulting in an intense desire to be close to one’s romantic partner. There is still a distinction between the two, however it is possible to find them both in the same person. Now there is nothing wrong with falling in love, and the time stamp of that realization is up to the individuals, however it can raise some flags when it happens often and very quickly. This susceptibility to falling in love may interfere with the individual’s ability to notice incompatibility or harmful behaviors in their partner.
It is also important to note that those who have higher emophilia tend to find themselves questioning their own identity and self-concept as falling in love can be transformative and change a person. We are not trying to deter people from falling in love, as it can be an exhilarating and amazing feeling, however we simply pose caution and bring up the risks that it often entails. Diving right into a relationship can bring positive feelings but can also set up the individual to challenges in the future. If you find yourself associating with high emophilia, before saying yes to a date or proposal, we suggest asking yourself if you are ignoring red flags or putting up with unhealthy treatment from your partner.
Love is beautiful, splendid, and desirable which makes it a hot topic for our daily lives, as we constantly search the world for our soul mate. Many attempt to engage in as many relationships as possible to find this one single person, without realizing the harm that it can cause to their mental and emotional state. It is okay to be patient, focus on yourself, and wait for the right person to enter your life at the right time. This may result in entering a healthy relationship full of stability and positive sense of self. Love can be complex and difficult, but if everything lines up it can also be extremely worthwhile and rewarding.

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