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Running Away or Running Towards

When I told the pastor of the church that I was providing counseling services that I have decided to leave my current position, he quickly asked me “What are you running away or towards”? What a terrific question to ask someone who has decided to change course in their career, relationship, spiritual journey, etc. Of course, I quickly responded, I am running towards enhancing my career opportunities. He seemed to be pleased with my response, but I couldn’t help thinking, “Did he believe me or was he still wondering if I was making the right decision”. Here I am three years later and find myself reflecting on his question. Although I know that my decision was the right one for me, it still haunts me. Have you felt this way in your life?

Making a Difficult Decision

Making any type of decision in your life may seem difficult and sometimes easier to just not make any decisions. When this happens, I want you to monitor your emotions. Are you feeling happy, sad, or confused? What will help you go towards an upward spiral and feel better? Sometimes just choosing to do something may provide a positive emotion than deciding to do nothing.

What opportunities are you missing out on when choosing not to decide. Success comes with trying and not giving up! I would like to share a personal story that may help tie this blog together. A family member recently graduated from college with a specific degree towards helping others. This individual decided to accept a job that he felt uncertain about but gave it a shot anyway. Through this experience, he concluded that this field may not be the best fit in his career. Therefore, he was successful by taking the first step of accepting a job in his field and realizing sooner than later that this was not what he was meant to be. The important point here to remember is that you gain insight by making decisions which will lead you to the path you were meant to be.

Are You Running Away or Running Towards Something?

Through my professional experience, I have heard from various clients that they are unhappy in their marriage, careers, roles, etc. When they tell me that they are thinking about ending their marriage, changing jobs, or relocating their family out of state, I quickly ask them “What are you running away from or towards”?

When you are faced with a situation that has you contemplating making major decisions in your life, ask the question “What am I running away from or what I am running towards”. The one person you cannot run away from is yourself or God. Take time to reflect on Jonah’s story in the Holy Bible to remind yourself that you cannot run away from God’s presence because He will always be with YOU, despite whether you are running away or towards someone/something. When in doubt of making a decision, ask God for His guidance and His will for you.

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