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Screen Time Affecting Marriages

It is easier to focus on our phone rather than our partner. We may fear the way our partner may respond to us when we try to talk to them. Maybe they will snap at you because of something negative that may have happened at work. Maybe you are both still mad about something that was said or happened yesterday. It may also be possible that just thinking about issues is exhausting; therefore, you would rather zone out by engaging with your phone.

However, the more we engage with our phones and less with our partners, the further you both will feel in your relationship. It may not be the easiest thing to do but putting your phones away to engage in a healthy conversation with your partner is important for a healthy relationship. Here are a few benefits of putting away your devices (phones, tablets, computers, T.V., etc.) and engaging with your partner every day:

Increased Emotional Connection

Your connection with your partner will improve when you are willing to pay all your attention to him/her. Put your phone down, turn towards your partner, give eye contact, and express a message that shows you care about them. You are conveying that you value and cherish your relationship and find them interesting.

Your partner will feel that they no longer need to compete with your electronic devices for your attention. Your partner will most likely want to be physically closer to you because of the connection you are building.

Decreased Arguments

Many fights begin with our partners feeling unimportant when you are distracted with you phone. It may come across that your more connected with your phone than with your partner. Devices can hinder your ability from hearing and understanding your partner. You may hear what your partner is saying, but not fully listening as you are distracted.

The more you put away your phone away and give attention to your partner, the easier it is to hear and understand what is being said. Watch your fights decrease as you put away your phone around your partner.

Increased Happiness

The most beneficial aspect of putting away your devices is that you both will experience happiness in your relationship and look forward to spending time together. You are displaying love towards your partner and will feel loved.

It may not always be practical to put away your phones but may be helpful to agree on a time to completely disconnect from your devices and focus on each other the balance of the day. As a result, your relationship WILL improve!

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