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Parents often struggle understanding their tween or teenager. This is quite common as generations change and your children are exposed to a very different environment and factors than you did while growing up. It may feel like it is impossible to connect to your teen because they don’t think you understand them and what they are going through. This can be a very difficult and challenging time for both parents and children. It is an area that is difficult to navigate and you are ready to give up.


At Nurturing Connections Counseling, Our Team of therapists are here to help!

Your teen may have similar feelings as yours and just want to give up trying. We know and understand that youth have many challenges in our complex world. We will be here for your child/teen as we assist them with understanding the world they live in now and their thoughts/emotions surrounding their views.

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Why Work With NCC?

Our Youth Counseling services focus on addressing unique needs and challenges faced by children, adolescents, and young adults. Our trained therapists provide support to young individuals in their emotional, social, and psychological development. We provide a safe and confidential space for young individuals to express their feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

We promote personal growth helping young individuals explore their identity, values, strengths, and goals. Our therapist’s approach working with the young population is to simply support them in their journey and help guide them towards making healthier decisions. We utilize a variety of evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), client-centered, narrative therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approaches.

Our therapists are available for your teen and understand that it is difficult for him/her to share their vulnerable emotions. We will walk alongside your child/teen and follow their pace. We want your child/teen to feel supported and not judged, no matter what he/she decides to disclose. Life is hard and we want you to know that we are ready to hear your child/teen!

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This is extremely common with children usually between the ages of 12-17 because when asked or forced to go to counseling, they may feel that they are labeled as the ‘troubled or bad’ one in the family. Youth typically will buy into the counseling process if presented in a way that it becomes their idea. For example, as a parent, you could possibly address it in a way that highlight the benefits from talking to someone outside of the family or friend circle. It can sound something like this, “We noticed that you are experiencing some challenges in this area and were wondering what you thought about maybe exploring the idea of talking to someone that can better help you navigate these challenges in a safe space with no judgement or advice given”. This will provide your youth to give it some thought and let it become their decision.

This is a great and very important question. There are specific factors to consider when seeking therapy for your youth. The ethical and legal guidelines are as follows in regard to consenting minors for psychotherapy treatment:

In California, minors aged 12 and older typically have the right to seek and consent to mental health services, including psychotherapy, without parental consent. This means that a minor who is at least 12 years old may independently seek and participate in psychotherapy sessions without requiring parental permission. Mental health professionals have ethical and legal obligations to maintain confidentiality with their minor clients. However, there are exceptions to this confidentiality, such as if the minor is in danger of harming themselves or others. Mental health providers are mandated reporters and must disclose information in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.

If there are specific custody arrangements or legal guardianship situations in place, the consent of the custodial parent or legal guardian may be necessary. It’s important to consider legal custody arrangements and court orders that might affect a minor’s ability to seek psychotherapy independently.

At Nurturing Connections Counseling, we make it best practice to obtain consent from both parents. However, we provide exceptions in circumstances that may threaten safety to any individual when one parent has full custody of the child. Proper legal documentations must be retained at our offices.

As a caring and loving parent, it is natural to want to know what is happening with your child, especially when they are participating in therapy sessions. Our therapists will provide periodic check-ins with parent(s) to identify progress and areas of improvements. At the beginning of psychotherapy treatment, parents will be provided with information about the therapeutic process, including the limitations of confidentiality. The type of information that our therapist will be able to provide parents will be discussed in the initial process. There are situations that specific information needs to be shared, such as circumstances including potential harm to the minor or others, abuse or neglect, or if the minor is involved in illegal activities.

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