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Tips on Recovering from a Breakup

You have been in a long-term, committed relationship and envisioned moving forward to a marital relationship in the future. There have been bumps along the way, but nothing you did not think your relationship can recover. Recently, you may have been thinking that the issues are being resolved and both partners are effectively managing conflicts. One day, your partner shares with you that s/he no longer wants to continue with the relationship and wants to call it quits. You are shocked and are begging for your partner to give your relationship another try! If this sounds familiar, read below for tips on how to recover from a breakup.

Recovering from a breakup can be challenging and emotionally draining. The most important step you must take is to take care of yourself during the process. Give yourself time and space to heal. Rushing through the process may result in long-term psychological issues and negative consequences. Patience in the healing process will be the gift you give yourself. Here are several tips on how to navigate through the difficult post-breakup period.

Provide Time and Space to Grieve

Emotions: In the initial phase of grieving your loss, it is vital to understand and process your emotions. Provide yourself with time and space to feel sad, anger, and confusion. Allow yourself to grieve the end of your relationship and your vision for your future.

Support: Finding support, such as friends and family members, can provide you with someone who is willing to listen to you and emotional support. Sharing your feelings with others can help validate your emotions and feel less alone.

Self-Care: Focus on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Participate in activities that you enjoy, including exercising, hobbies, outdoor activities, and spending time with your loved ones. During this time, it is critical to focus on self-care routines.

Establish Healthy Boundaries: Boundaries must be established with your ex-partner to protect yourself from prolonged emotional pain. Limit all contact through text, phone calls, Facetime, and social media platforms. You both need space to heal.

Reflection on Your Relationship: It’s important to spend time reflecting on your relationship. Our therapists at Nurturing Connections Counseling can help you navigate and learn from your experience identifying areas that worked well and not so well. These insights will benefit your personal growth.

Stay Positive: You may be feeling a range of difficult emotions after the breakup, however, attempt to maintain a positive outlook. Make sure to surround yourself with others who are positive and can provide you with a different perspective. Practice being grateful for people and things in your life. Focus on possible opportunities towards personal growth and development.

Individual Discovery: This may be an opportune time for you to rediscover who you are outside of the relationship. Research suggests that individuals tend to lose their identity and give up their individual identity for the sake of their relationship. Find yourself again and reconnect with your hobbies, interests, aspirations, and personal goals.

Prevent Rebounding: Take extra precautions towards entering a new relationship too quickly. This may delay or hinder the healing process. Provide yourself with time and space to fully recover before considering a new romantic relationship.

Professional Guidance/Support: If your emotional pain persists and becomes too overwhelming resulting in low functioning abilities, consider reaching out to Nurturing Connections Counseling for professional support. Our skilled therapists can provide valuable guidance during this challenging period of your life.

Your New Future: A new chapter of your life is your future! While it’s important to process your breakup, you can look forward to your new future. Spend time setting new attainable goals, both personal and professional. Your new vision is full of positive possibilities and opportunities.

A few lasting words to remind you to be kind to yourself during the gradual process of recovery from the breakup. Every individual heals at their own pace and should not be rushed. Patience will be a key factor as you allow yourself to heal and go through this journey.

Nurturing Connections Counseling have skilled therapists that can assist you to acknowledge your overwhelming and heavy emotions during your healing journey. Please reach out if you need additional support and we can schedule an appointment without any wait time. Please contact our office at 714-617-5955 or schedule an appointment using the buttons below.

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