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Tips to Assist your Child with Stress

As adults, most of us have a myriad of experience dealing with stress and finding ways to cope or dismiss negative feelings. Stress is something that causes us all to feel overwhelmed and panicked but can be prevented or treated by using techniques and understanding the situation. Children, whether they are in elementary school, high school, or college will most likely encounter stress and feel frustrated as they have little knowledge of how to deal with it. Usually, the job to help young people find healthy coping strategies to manage their stress lies on the parents.
School is one of the main causes of stress to young individuals, as educational competition continues to grow, and class content becomes harder. Research studies have found that high school students who experience academic pressure has increased by 62% over the past 7 years, and students that spend more than 10 hours per week on homework has increased from 12% to 21%. In order to deal with this increased amount of stress, students are encouraged to participate in counseling, yoga classes, and breathing techniques in order to refrain from becoming overwhelmed. However, in reference to managing your child’s school workload, it would be beneficial for parents to teach organizational skills which will allow the child to feel in control of their assignments. Scattered papers and misplaced supplies can lead to your child feeling defeated, instead of being organized which would likely result in feelings of accomplishment and achievement. This relates not just to stress, but also to feelings of depression and anxiety as youth often feel overstimulated by a variety of moods.
It is empirical to instill in your child time management skills, which will allow the child to develop a habit of keeping track of all their assignment. This is beneficial as it will push the young child to finish their assignments on time to avoid missing deadlines and falling behind. It is important to have your child start on large projects early to avoid procrastination which usually creates more stress and less productivity. The main purpose for writing this blog is to assist and strongly encourage parents to empower their children to utilize beneficial skills on how to better manage their stress, feel less overwhelmed and less unorganized which will likely lead to both the parents and child’s happiness and self-confidence.

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