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Victim or Victor

What’s the difference between victim and victor? Understanding the difference may help you recognize times when you have experienced being a victim vs a victor.


1. Loses their voice

2. Curses themselves and others

3. Makes bad bargains

4. Feeds hatred

5. Remains in denial

6. Gets lost in blame

7. Isolates

8. Looks into reactivity

9. Normalizes panic

10. Stops thinking creatively

11. Organizes around anxiety

12. Pretends to know the future

13. Chooses distractions over solutions

14. Gets religious rather than spiritually grounded


1. Refocuses to doing a few things well

2. Refuses to curse self or others

3. Use their voice to accurately express their needs, perspectives, and experiences

4.Looks for God in the wilderness

5. Accepts transition

6. Connects with the rooted

7. Tell themselves the truth

8. Looks for creative solutions

9. Does not skimp on self-care

10. Predicts their own survival and thriving

11. Renews their first love

12. Rejects black & white (all good vs all bad) thinking

There is a little bit of victim and victor in us all. When have you most felt or behaved like a victim? When have you felt or behaved most like a victor?

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